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This workshop provides early-career compensation and benefits practitioners an opportunity to achieve certification in a convenient three-day format, based on an assessment of basic competencies related to job evaluation, benchmarking, pay structures, core benefits and the total rewards approach.

Certified Total Rewards Specialist™ (CTRS) Workshop

for practitioners with more than one year of C&B experience
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This certification workshop provides more experienced compensation and benefits managers and professionals an opportunity to achieve certification in a convenient three-day format, based on an assessment of managerial and program design competencies related to base pay structure design, managing the annual salary review, incentive pay design, advanced benefits and other professional competencies such as performance management and communication.

Certified Total Rewards Professional™ (CTRP) Workshop

for practitioners with more than four years of C&B experience

This course will provide you with the information and guidance to ensure your salary and grading structure meets your business needs, while allowing the company to attract and retain employees in an increasingly competitive pay market. This course is aimed at both HR Generalists and Reward Specialists to help you review and revise your grading structure and salary structure to fit the ever-changing needs of your employees into a system that may not have been reviewed for many years.

Compensation and Salary Structures Masterclass


This course will explain how to manage performance ratings and how to analyse the distribution curve of performance ratings, and if necessary, how to use the new approach of “snap-ratio” to manage a forced distribution curve of performance ratings. This course will explain in practical detail how to link pay with performance, especially through the annual pay review process and using merit-pay awards.

Pay-for-Performance and Merit-Pay Masterclass



The aim of this course is to show you how to develop practicalbonus schemes, incentive schemes and variable pay policies thatmeet the needs of the business, while allowing you to attract,motivate and retain good quality employees.

Variable-Pay (Bonuses and Incentives) Masterclass

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