Go beyond operational HR risk. Build expertise in also mapping financial risk, technological risk & supply risk in VUCA environments.

Course Introduction

The 2-day Talent Risk Management Training Course is a mastery program designed specifically for human resource leaders. This course helps participants understand and map over 80 talent risks facing modern business. Through data analysis and capability modelling, participants master practical tools which help them facilitate leadership conversations back at work. Key highlights of the course: Apply Talent Risk Mapping Framework, utilise VUCA model to responses risks, Implement Strategic Capability Investment Model, Build your own Risk Scorecard with talent metrics.

Why Your Organisation Needs This Course Today

The industrial economy puts a premium on the repetitive delivery of process-driven factory work. This is what delivers quality products, consistently. The knowledge economy is quite different. It puts a premium on cognitive decision making, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking. This is what delivers business value and innovation. In practice, the shift from an industrial to a knowledge economy necessitates a fundamental relook at our people management and risk management practices.  

The fact that the “world of work” will change rapidly as the knowledge economy accelerates, is now beyond doubt.  The three concurrent shifts in motion include:

1.Digital transformation: In a digital economy, competitors can come from anywhere. The fading of both terrestrial and industry boundaries shows us how this shift can disrupt fundamental customer and cost models in common use today.

2. Disruptive innovation: Both the consumer’s concept of value and the tools we use to deliver them are evolving. With young digital native customers forming a bulk of early adopters and pacesetting buyers: companies such as Spotify, Uber, Stripe, Netflix, Amazon, Udacity or Airbnb are examples of entire markets in motion.

3. Changing talent economics:  On one hand we see an erosion of loyalty on both ends of the employment equation. On the other, we see an explosion of contingent capability. A company’s source pool now includes millions of highly skilled people, willing to work part-time, short-term and on specific tasks rather than jobs. 

Responding to Talent Risk

Based on contemporary evidence and cutting-edge research, this masterclass helps participants navigate VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environments with confidence and skill. It serves as a timely and highly practical immersion into future business management, with easy to apply tools, management frameworks and new-age decisions models built for the digital age.

Designed as an intensive two-day deep dive into modern management, this masterclass aims to reboot industrial age management practices in favour of proactive risk management behaviours needed to navigate a VUCA business landscape. Increasing business complexity and industry transformations place dual pressure on managers looking to deliver above-average results. An effective way to respond is through the enhancement of high-performance management skills: in areas like scenario planning and design thinking.

This program uses an effective mix of data analysis, frameworks, case discussions and skills practice.

Key Highlights:

  • Based on contemporary research covering both developed and emerging markets.

  • Involves concepts, tools, practice and case-based learning in equal parts.

  • Participants return with customizable talent management tools built for the digital age.

  • Strengthens management and organisational design thinking, allowing participants to customize and deploy innovative ideas back at a work.

  • Practical and highly applicable across industry or country.


11 – 12 June 2018


SGD 2,395

5 – 6 July 2018

Hong Kong

SGD 2,395

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Expert Course Faculty

Gyan Nagpal

Gyan is an award-winning talent strategist and commentator. He is the author of the bestselling business book Talent Economics - The Fine Line between Winning and Losing the Global War for Talent (Kogan Page 2013).

Nagpal has deep expertise in tracking and forecasting ongoing changes to the global talent pool. Over the last decade, he has helped some of the largest and most ambitious international organisations build significant business franchises across the Asia Pacific region. Based in Singapore, he is also a Senior Fellow for Human Capital at the Conference Board and a member of the NTL Institute. You can follow his work at www.PLGAonline.com and find his book Talent Economics at Amazon.com or at good bookstores across the world.

Companies who have benefited from the Gyan’s experiences include:

Manulife, HSBC, CapitaLand, Maybank, Great Eastern Life Assurance, Bank Negara Malaysia, Johor Corporation, Singtel, AIG, Microsoft, Mastercard, GovTech, DHL Express, Cargill, Marsh, DST Communications, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, MTN Group, Omnia Group, Aramco, BAE Systems and Many More…

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