Creating A High Impact On-boarding Program For New Managers - Millennial Edition

Course Introduction

Managers play a big role in retaining and engaging the employees. They form the bridge between the management and working level employees. That said, not many organizations pay enough attention to ensure that this group of people transit effectively from an individual contributor role into a people manager role. The result of it? High turnover and low engagement level!

In this upcoming workshop, you will learn about the essential building blocks of creating a high impact on-boarding program to equip your new managers with the ability to excel in their new role. Not only will that help them be more confident in their new position, it will also help enhance the level of engagement and performance of the working level employees. In turn, you can then be in a better position to help the organization drive its business results.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the difference between high potential and high performance

  • Develop an understanding on ways to build an high impact onboarding program

  • Gather insights on the various components to develop an individual contributor into a people manager

  • Be updated with the latest HR Tech tools in the market

  • Be equipped with the ability to formulate a proposal to design an onboarding program for the organization right away 

Content Highlights

  • Building blocks of a high impact onboarding program for new managers

  • Understanding the Millennial generation and what makes them tick

  • Identifying high potential employees

  • Creating the employee experience to enhance learning effectiveness

  • HR Tech showcase 

  • Designing the key components to help new managers manage self, individuals and teams

  • Application to your organization's context

Delivery Style

  • Sharing of market practices as well as personal experiences by facilitator and participants

  • HR Tech showcase with Q&A

  • Co-creation of content by tapping on the wisdom of crowd

  • Active discussions on contextualized issues

  • Personal reflections 

  • Platform to craft out an initial proposal that can be applied to your workplace right away 


Practical Workbook & Resources

  • Notes will be provided as part of the course to ensure that you are able to focus on the discussions during the workshop and able to have materials to refer to after that.

Benefits to You and Organization

  • Understand what it takes to effectively transit your individual contributors to a people manager role

  • Gather insights on ways to build an onboarding program for your new manager to maximize the resources you have on hand

  • Be in a better position to assess your high potentials and set them up for success

  • Equip HR to become a strategic bridge that develops new managers

  • Be acquainted with market updates and new HR technology which can help add value to your work


22 May 2018

Kuala Lumpur

SGD 1,195

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2010 - present

Testimonials for the Trainer

“It was great having Sam coming over to IATA to share his thoughts on how to boost our mental wellness. This was done in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. What we enjoyed most was that Sam shared from his personal experience and not from something you can get off the shelf. His passion to develop people coupled with his clarity in his message makes you want to hear him out more. Thanks Sam!”

BreadTalk Bakery Division’s HR appointed Sam on a study to understand how our outlet staff salary and benefits compared with other similar competitors with similar employee profile and job scope. The team led by Sam assisting in the study were professional in their dealings, and listened to our needs, objectives and context. Hence, the outcome of the study was useful and easily internalised for our follow-up considerations and actions.

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