Learn about the technologies shaping Industry 4.0 and how they are changing HR

New Technology & HR Masterclass

Technology is changing the workplace and workforce at an ever-increasing pace. With the focus on the digital transformation of organisations, functions and individuals, the need to understand how technology works has never been greater.

In this course, it is not the HR vendor tools that are presented, but instead the technology underneath that drive them. With so many vendors using fancy technology-related words, the need to understand and question what is behind the marketing taglines has never been greater.

This course is designed specifically for Human Resources professionals, using straight forward language instead of technology jargon, and sharing examples from HR and other familiar contexts. Each technology is discussed in detail; from its history, the opportunities and problems they have today, to how they may evolve in the future.

Who Should Attend


Human Resource professionals who have a responsibility for or interest in how new technology is shaping the workplace and workforce. It is for people who are curious to learn the fundamentals
of technology so they can assess and critique HR vendor tools more effectively and improve the choice of tools to their organisation.



All attendees will be provided with a detailed course guide which they can refer to after the course. This course is delivered through a mixture of activities, discussions, presentations and videos. Throughout the course, attendees will work in teams to explore concepts and share ideas with the wider group. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops so they can experience some online experiments first-hand.


About Your Instructor




Pip Penfold
CEO and Co-Founder
People Collider


Australian by birth, Pip has spent over a decade in Asia living andworking across multiple countries in senior pan-Asia HR roles across various industries. She accumulated 20 years of corporate HR experience; formulating HR strategies, designing HR programs and implementing new HR practices, before moving into the HR Technology industry. Throughout her career Pip managed many technology implementations, and supported HR functions and companies with their digital transformation. Today she educates HR about new technologies (AI, Blockchain etc) and how technology ecosystem design can solve talent related problems today and in the future.

Course Objectives

This course provides detailed knowledge about 5 new Industry 4.0 technologies; AI, RPA, Blockchain, VR, AR and IoT and how they are impacting and can be used to impact organisations, Human Resources and employees. The main course objective is to arm HR professionals with the knowledge they need to make effective decisions regarding the application of these technologies in their workplace.

This course ensures HR has a solid knowledge about the new technologies driving digital transformation, helping them to separate fact from hype and improve their ability to manage digital transformation more effectively. It will also help attendees understand how these technologies are impacting the world of work, so that they can make decisions about what should be automated and how in their business, while preserving and enhancing the desired culture and employee experience.

17 - 18 February 2020


SGD 1,995

08 - 09 June 2020


SGD 1,995

12 - 13 October 2020

Hong Kong

SGD 1,995

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2010 - present

2010 - present

By attending this workshop, you will:
  • Learn how new technologies can be used in HR, through case studies and use cases.

  • Increase your ability to guide and shape the digital transformation of Human Resources, by being able to identify the right technology for different problems and opportunities in HR.

  • Become an astute customer for HR technology vendors. Through a better understanding of the technologies you will be able to challenge and question HR technology vendors about their tools and promises.

  • Network with other future-focussed HR professionals who understand the impact technology has on HR and are keen to use it to shape the future, rather than letting technology shape HR.

  • Ensure ongoing employability by developing in-demand knowledge about technology to win in the future workplace.


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