Consulting redefined​


When we founded, we sought to take the best of traditional strategy consulting and freelancing to create a new consulting model.


From traditional consulting, we took the calibre, professionalism, and intellectual rigour of the world’s top firms – and left behind the distractions of internal politics and the pressure to sell more work.


From freelance consulting, we took the benefits of years of experience in consulting and industry, commercial pragmatism, and flexibility – and left behind the unstructured and inconsistent world of conventional freelancing.


HRD Future’s pure consulting model frees everyone – consultants and clients – to focus on what really matters: delivering great projects.


What makes us unique is that all of our assignments are delivered by independent consultants. They are a group of outstanding individuals with whom we regularly work.


Our projects deliver great results across strategy, performance improvement, change, and organisation. We have long-standing and close relationships with our clients, and they choose to work with us again and again.


Our people

Our independent consultants are truly outstanding. They have backgrounds with top strategy firms as well as the pragmatism borne of experience in industry. They are committed, energetic, and adaptable. And our clients love working with them.


Internationally experienced

Our consultants have worked in every region of the world. Having lived and worked in different countries, they fundamentally understand the dynamics within and between markets.


Highest calibre

From analysts through to directors, our consultants have all studied and trained at internationally renowned institutions. Clients are impressed by the skills, experience, and raw smarts of HRD Future's consultants – and by their personality and commitment as well.


Rigorously selected

Our selection process is simple, but the vetting is rigorous. All of our consultants must have experience with established management consultancies. We also take into account academic qualifications and industry experience. Only one in ten become HRD Future consultants.


Remarkable individuals

We set the bar higher than traditional consulting firms. Working with us as an independent consultant requires not only strong consulting skills but also the ability to connect with clients as individuals and adapt one’s working style to their organisation.


Working With Us

Working with HRD Future means you are independent, but part of a team. The relationship we have with our consultants is the core of what makes HRD Future unique. Our consultants are all independent: they are free to choose to work with us, or not, on every project. For you, as a consultant, this means genuine control over the type and timing of the work you do, and for us as an organisation it builds an obligation to put you into successful situations that meet your aspirations, both professionally and personally. How do we do it?


  • We invest hugely in getting to know you as a whole person, and put you into situations where you will shine.

  • We value all your experience, including everything you might have done outside consulting, as do our clients.

  • We recognise that strong team-mates make all the difference – in our teams, you will be working with colleagues of similarly exceptional calibre.

  • We release you from in-house responsibilities and politics, enabling you to focus unencumbered on client work.

  • We don’t expect you to ‘sell’ another project: only to do great work on this one.


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