Value Driven HR Scorecard


Course Introduction

Most CEOs and senior line managers are skeptical of the role of human resources in their companies’ success. While many executives say they believe that “people are our most valuable asset,” they don’t understand how HR functions make that vision a reality. The root of the problem is simple: It’s hard to measure the impact of HR functions on company performance and success.


The performance measures that most HR departments use don’t measure HR contributions to company success. For example, as an HR manager, you may believe that having a capable and committed work force and a training system that helps your employees learn faster than the competition are true competitive advantages and part of the company’s strategic plan. Yet, you most likely measure items such as total compensation, employee turnover, cost per hire and the percentage of workers who were evaluated in the last 12 months. None of these measures relate directly to employee commitment or learning — the competitive advantages you identified.


This 2 day trainig is specially design to develope a new new value driven approach. Rather than concentrate on a bottom-up perspective emphasizing compliance and traditional HR, you will move to a top-down perspective emphasizing the implementation of strategy. You will then develop an innovative assessment system that measures HR’s contribution to what matters most to CEOs: firm profitability and shareholder value.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the business balanced scorecard and strategically alignment with the HR/Workforce scorecard

  • To realise the links between business performance and the HR practices that underpin this

  • Providing HR Managers with the tools and understanding to engage in valid meaningful business conversations at the Executive table

  • Building a framework of policy and practice that has clear correlation to business objectives


Key Topics

  • HR as a Strategic Partner

  • Implementing HR’s Strategic Role:A Seven-Step Model

  • Creating The HR Scorecard

  • Cost Control vs. Value Creation

  • Cost-Benefit Analyses For HR Interventions

  • Competencies For HR Professionals

  • Implementing The HR Scorecard


Who Should Attend?

  • HR Directors,

  • HR Managers

  • Chief People Officers

  • L & D Managers



18 - 20 April 2016


SGD 1499

06 - 08 June 2016


SGD 2,799

07 - 09 September 2016


SGD 2,799

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