This is the ultimate course in driving organisational performance by aligning your L&D/Talent initiatives with your organisation’s top priorities and building a learning organisation. Aimed at senior L&D professionals as well as anyone in middle or senior management or HR with responsibility for developing talent, the course will help you to add more value through L&D/talent initiatives.

Learning and Development Strategies for a High-Performance Organisation


This course is designed for everyone who requires an appreciation or an in-depth knowledge of performance management (PM) and implementing a performance appraisal (PA) system underpinned by objectives and competencies as part of an overall performance management approach. 

Next Generation Performance Management and Performance Appraisals Masterclass


This course will provide you with the information and guidance to design and define job roles and key accountabilities of each job to support your organisation structure and business goals.

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions Masterclass


This course will provide a sound knowledge of job evaluation approaches and provide an understanding of how job evaluation fits into the broader context of human resources management, and to provide practical skills in the application of job evaluation systems.


Job Evaluation and Grade Structures Masterclass


This course will provide you with the information and guidance to help you in developing/refreshing and implementing your human resources policies and procedures in your organisation, and help to ensure that your employment contracts and HR manuals meet your business needs, while allowing the company to attract, retain, engage and motivate employees.

HR Policies and Procedures Masterclass


This highly interactive 3-day training workshop will provide you with key understanding of how you can use new technologies to digitize your HR and talent management function, creating highly user-friendly experiences for your staff, whilst at the same time, creating efficiency and reducing costs in your department.

HR Digitalisation Master Class


This workshop provides a practical and comprehensive framework for integrating data-driven insights into all aspects of human capital management and strategy. Throughout the training, you will learn two sides to metrics analytics: (1) properly producing metrics and analyzing human capital data; and (2) implementing analytical findings that drive workforce strategy.

Building Meaningful HR Metrics and Analytics


This workshop provides a practical and methodical approach for creating and executing data-driven strategic workforce plans using a variety of analytical approaches and data sources. Throughout the training, you will learn to incorporate both common analytical techniques in workforce planning, as well as advanced and non-traditional analytical techniques. 

Analytics for Workforce Planning


Mastering Organizational Effectiveness

In this comprehensive two-day immersive learning experience, you will learn to how to make the most out of the OE elements (Change Enablement, Organization Design and People Effectiveness) of your organization to enable the whole organization to work in service of its strategic vision.

HR Analytics in Excel Logo.jpg

This course teaches you how to use Excel for Predictive HR Analytics and ONA. You will learn how to predict employee performance, predict employee resignation with ONA graph metrics, predict employee’s sales with ONA data, predict Ethnic & Gender Diversity’s impact on EBIT, predict training’s impact on customer service and sales, etc.



The IISS model incorporates predictive analytics into employee engagement, and covers how to use the IISS Models’ ABSD drivers of employee engagement to build great employee experience & engagement, even in tough environments with heavy workloads. 

Employee Experience & Engagement with IISS Model and Predictive Analytics


This program teaches HR professionals the fundamentals of Industry 4.0 technologies covering Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

New Technology & HR Masterclass


This course takes a deep dive into the digital transformation of the HR function within the framework of current changes to business, customers and employees. It helps HR professionals unravel the
complexities and confusion of applying technology, helps them create a best-fit approach and gives them the tools and knowledge they need to help their HR function transform digitally.

Mastering the digital transformation of HR

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