Certification workshop to apply the Pentagon Model© & leverage ICE Cube® to drive Human Capital Management for business

Program Introduction

Sound Human Capital Management practices support your business leaders and managers, to manage their people better and achieve consistently superior business results. HRD Future’s two-day training program “Apply Pentagon Model & leverage ICE Cube® for Human Capital Management Diagnosis” is about understanding what Human Capital Management (HCM) is, and, how to build an effective people management strategy around your business goals.


First, you will learn about the components that make up the Human Capital Management (HCM), then, you learn to map HCM practices on The Pentagon Model©. Following which you understand the role of HR in HCM and how to build a strategic HR function; you will learn how to diagnose organizations for their HCM needs and align them to business aspirations; then; you diagnose where your organization stands, currently, in relation to its HCM capability and effectiveness with ICE Cube® diagnostic tool. Finally, you will systematically work towards aligning your company’s HCM to get it ready to meet its current and future business challenges.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What do you need to do to align HCM practices to your business agenda in real terms?

  • Where, what, when, and how should you invest in building robust HCM practices that supports your current and future business aspirations?

  • How do you ensure that your most important Human Capital Management capability needs are achieved effectively and efficiently?

  • How do you transform your HR function from a transactional player to a strategic player?

  • What is the difference between HCM and HR?

  • How can business and HR effectively partner with each other?

Why this Program is Special

  • Leverage web-enabled ICE Cube® diagnostic tool in real time to discover the current efficacy of your organization’s HCM practices using the act while you learn method

  • Receive individual customized reports for your organization in real time

  • Study your own company reports and discover how to optimize your business performance

  • Apply the Pentagon Model© to learn about and plan your HCM practice

  • Take home an actionable HCM plan for your company



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2010 - present

2010 - present

Expert Course Faculty


Pingali Chandrasekhar


With over 30 years of professional experience and extensive worldwide exposure, Pingali Chandrasekhar (Chandru) has built expertise in all facets of human capital management aligned to business strategy. With masters’ degree in pharmacy followed by a Masters in Human Resources Management, he held several senior global HR and business transformation roles; proven to be a people focussed director, a business leader and a turnaround expert.

During his career, he brought strategic and execution leadership to building Organisation capability and effectiveness, shared serviced centres, HR Target Operating model, amongst others. He worked in several industries like Banking, IT/ITES, pharmaceuticals, chemical and textiles; lived in India, UK, Kenya and Singapore, and, worked in four continents. He is an alumnus of the Executive Development programmes at Insead Business School, London Business School and Oxford Business School. He has acquired several professional certifications in his field. An avid reader, eloquent speaker and a writer, he is sought after in numerous high profile events in Asia and Africa. He has received several awards including Best HR Professional of the Year, Outstanding HR professional of the year and a regional Leadership award.

He created The Pentagon Model © and the technology enabled innovative ICE Cube ® - a first of its kind, Human Capital management (HCM) diagnostic tool. He is currently the MD of I Cube Consortium Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).

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