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At HRD Future, our assessments lie at the heart of so much that we do—and with good reason. Our world-class assessment instruments, developed and delivered by senior-level global experts, have influenced the design and implementation of successful leadership development programs that have benefited thousands of worldwide organizations over the past quarter century.


Assessment is especially critical for your Board members and senior executives, given the positions that they occupy at the top of your organization with all of the corresponding pressures, responsibilities, and high-level strategic objectives. We tailor our assessments for your senior leaders accordingly.


At the board level, our assessment approach is based on HRDF’s High Performance Board Model, setting forth the six competencies that high-performing boards demonstrate on a consistent basis—built upon a foundation of experience, knowledge, and expertise with an unwavering integrity at the center of everything that they do. Our proprietary Board Assessment  assesses your Board on all of this, helping to define the pathway that can take your Board from good to great.


We employ a similar competency-based approach in assessing your senior leaders. Our hallmark, industry-leading Leadership Assessment  and our other complimentary assessment instruments and tools reflect the lessons learned and data gleaned in our over 25 years working with senior leaders and leadership teams.


HRDF’s assessments provide insights and recommendations for a path forward to improve on weaknesses, solidify strengths, and synergize your Board and senior executives for peak performance. It is a critical, foundational piece in all that we do to help your team at the top.

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