This course is for anyone working within a multi-generational workforce, and Millennials whom you would like to engage even more effectively.

Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

This course is for anyone working within a multi-generational workforce, and Millennials whom you would like to engage even more effectively. The aim is to bring out the best in all of us through deep understanding of generational differences and similarities. Through dozens of examples, case studies, videos, discussions and exercises, we’ll explore practical strategies and helpful insights to make the most of the Millennials in our organisations – covering the entire people management process and employee lifecycle.

A Very Practical Course

The course is highly applied in nature and includes many opportunities to apply principles and guidance to your own situation. The learning is also supported through dozens of anecdotes and examples from people in organisations, spanning a range of industries and sectors, applying the concepts covered.

Delivery Style
Through lively discussion, exploring crucial questions together, sharing fascinating experiences between participants and developing your own action plan, the course strikes a perfect balance between:

  • engaging action and activity,

  • state-of-the-art insights and research,

  • time for reflection and discussion, and…

  • a “how-to-do-it” pragmatic approach.

About Your Instructor




Andrew Larkin

  • Principal Consultant | The Leadership Learning Team

  • Associate Tutor/Trainer/Designer l CIPD

  • Former Associate Tutor/Lecturer/Consultant with University of Leicester

2010 - present

2010 - present

Learning Objectives


After attending and participating in this course, you will be better able to:


  • Identify important characteristics of the different generations who make-up our current workforce

  • Make the most of similarities and differences between the generations

  • Better understand our Millennials (their strengths, their challenges, our challenges with them, mindset and attitude) and the benefits of gaining their full engagement

  • Apply what the science says about workplace motivation and engagement (and which many traditional organisations fail to do)

  • Enhance a sense of purpose, meaning and challenge for Millennials in your workplace

  • Facilitate the feedback that Millennials need, and provide attractive and relevant ways for them to develop at work

  • Communicate in to reach Millennials effectively, especially in times of organisational change

  • Explore, adapt to and adopt technologies that Millennials are using in the workplace

  • Coach and line-manage Millennials to promote great performance through collaborative, empowered problem-solving and goal achievement

  • Recruit and onboard Millennials more easily and effectively

  • Design workspaces conducive to Millennial productivity

  • Take a Millennial-friendly approach to career management

  • Get better at rewarding and recognising millennials

  • Take a multi-cultural approach to managing Millennials in a global workforce


05 - 06 September 2019

Hong Kong

SGD 2,395

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Benefits to You and Your Organisation

Attract, develop and deploy talent from the Millennial generation and build a leadership pipeline to keep your organisation successful

Equip your line managers to coach and empower Millennials to achieve astonishing outcomes in a climate of trust

Motivate and engage Millennials by enhancing a sense of purpose and meaning

Retain and pass on the deep knowledge and expertise your organisation has acquired in the past while staying relevant to a new generation of employees and customers

Build a more collaborative, respective, harmonious workplace that values and plays to the strengths of a multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce fit for the future


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Testimonials for Andrew

I came in to this training with a very minimum experience & exposure on L&D but the interactions that we’ve had during the course have lifted up my understanding in L&D in more practical way.

Andrew is genuine, honest, experienced and a resourceful trainer. This course is outstanding as not many L&D training programs teaches you on L&D strategic alignments to business goals.

This is amazing program for me to be able to use most of the tools shared in the modules.

This training is really good and it gives me many tips and ideas on how to create the effective learning and development plan and analysis.

A spot-on program, qualified trainer, up to date content. Address my needs perfectly. Got some new insights.

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