Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline


Course Introduction

The training course is designed to develop increased productivity and motivation through the application of best practice in the way that employees are treated by the organisation. The training course will enable the creation of a working environment in which all staff are able to contribute their full potential. This will involve creating a supportive and trusting climate at work and ensuring that individual and collective ER issues are handled positively and sensitively.

The Main Features of the Course:

  • Shows how to create a close working relationship between ER and the rest of the organisation

  • Establishes the policies that create an effective ER function

  • Matches these policies to the practices that support them

  • Addresses how to get the best from people

  • Addresses key issues for ER and Supervisors/Team Leaders such as handling absence, poor timekeeping and unrealistic aspirations for promotion


Course Objective

By the end of the seminar, delegates will:

  • Be able to relate the role of ER to the role of the Managers/Supervisor and Team Leader

  • Know how to manage change

  • Be able to deal with performance problems and modify the behaviour of employees

  • Be able to influence the behaviour of managers and team leaders

  • Be able to operate disciplinary procedures and grievance procedure

  • Know how to manage absence

  • Understand the role of an Employee Assistance programme


Organisational Impact

The benefits to the organisation in delegates attending this seminar and putting the ideas into practice are as follows:

  • Improved leadership

  • Greater productivity

  • Improved morale and commitment

  • A line management team (Supervisors and team Leaders) will feel supported by the ER function

  • The ER function will develop closer working relationships with the line management team (Supervisors and team Leaders)

  • Improved standards of performance and conduct throughout the organization


Personal Impact

The seminar will equip delegates with the following skills:

  • Motivate employees in a positive and thorough way

  • Understand why people work and why they try hard (and why they sometimes don’t)

  • Handling Grievances

  • The different roles of HR and ER staff; line managers, supervisors and team leaders

  • How to make Disciplinary Action effective and the mistakes to avoid

  • Managing common problems such as absence or lateness

  • Performance Management

  • Linking the organisations values to the ER function


3 - 4 May 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SGD 1,995

13 - 14 September 2018


SGD 1,995

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