Course Introduction

Does your role require you to influence with credibility up and down the organisation and beyond, getting co-operation from others, including people who do not report to you?

This course is about the art and science of enhancing your influence and gravitas at all organisational levels. It is about practical strategies to collaborate with key stakeholders and help yourself and others to solve problems and achieve business goals more effectively and create more value.

You’ll learn how to develop deeper trust and rapport, ask insightful questions, facilitate great coaching conversations that help people move forward towards their business objectives and develop themselves professionally.

You’ll learn to help people improve through empowering feedback techniques that leave people feeling respected, motivated and equipped. You’ll gain essential keys for driving positive behaviour change in others.

Finally, you’ll gain strategies for navigating challenging relationships and learning to play to your own and other people’s strengths. In short, you’ll learn to enhance your reputation as a credible HR leader who brings out the best in others across the organisation and beyond.

Learning Objectives

​After attending and participating in this course, you will be better able to:​

  • Engage with credibility when interacting with key stakeholders and establish deeper levels of trust

  • Develop more valuable solutions with others through more skilled questioning and listening

  • Facilitate richer feedback conversations to help people raise performance, solve problems and manage projects more effectively

  • Use body language to come across with greater gravitas

  • Introduce yourself with immediate credibility

  • Navigate challenging relationships and interactions

  • Drive positive behaviour change in others and foster greater levels of engagement

  • Provide high quality coaching support in formal and informal situations

  • Use and promote the GROW model to help managers, employees and teams to solve problems and achieve goals more effectively, with greater buy-in

  • Help employees to gain deep learning from critical work experiences

  • Use an empowering, facilitative, coaching style with colleagues

  • Help developing leaders to become more effective by creating sustained behaviour change


13 – 14 June 2019


SGD 2,395

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2010 - present

2010 - present

Content Highlights

​1. Influence in HR
2. Circle of influence
3. Stakeholder mapping
4. Managing key stakeholder relationships
5. Models for building trust
6. Insights from neuroscience for influencing more powerfully
7. Listening as a powerful tool for “win-win” influencing
8. Questioning skills for effective influencing
9. Coaching to drive deep engagement
10. The GROW model (for problem solving and goal achievement)
11. Collaboration tools and techniques
12. Gibbs model (facilitating reflection and deep learning from experiences)
13. Coaching and mentoring style, and transactional analysis
14. Powerful feedback principles
15. Facilitating a feedback loop to raise performance, solve problems and manage projects
16. Taking feedback beyond a one-way conversation
17. Promoting awareness and responsibility
18. Peer coaching and feedforward

19. Body language and gravitas
20. Introducing yourself with credibility
21. (Optional: Navigating challenging relationships – transactional analysis / core quadrant)
22. Influencing people’s level of engagement
23. Influencing to change people’s behaviour
24. Leadership coaching for behaviour change
25. Developing a coaching and mentoring culture

Practical Workbook & Resources

A practical workbook is included as part of the course. This will enable you to apply the concepts to your organisational context, both during the course and even when you return to your workplace. This also serves as a helpful starting point for discussions with your team, allowing them benefit from the learning too. Additional resource: A Practical Tool to Help You Develop an Annual Strategic Learning Plan.


Delivery Style

Through lively discussion, exploring crucial questions together, sharing fascinating experiences between participants and developing your own action plan, the course strikes a perfect balance between:

  • Engaging action and activity,

  • State-of-the-art insights and research,

  • Time for reflection and discussion, and…

  • A “how-to-do-it” pragmatic approach.


Case Studies

The course is highly applied in nature and includes an in-depth case study of a global organisation’s approach to talent development, as well as many other anecdotes and examples of organisations, spanning a range of industries and sectors, applying the concepts covered.


Benefits to Your Organisation

  • ​Solve problems and achieve goals faster and better

  • Win support for initiatives that you are responsible for

  • Build trust and rapport with key stakeholders

  • Use highly developed soft skills to coach others to improve, solve problems and achieve business goals

  • Help others gain the maximum learning and insights from projects and events

  • Improve working relationships and play to your strengths and those of your team

  • Establish immediate credibility

  • Drive positive behaviour amongst staff and managers in your organisation

Testimonials for this course

It’s a great way of delivering learning. Even the small group help with overall interaction.

​It was a great course with a great trainer, Andrew. Thank you for the knowledge shared these 2 days.

Andrew Larkin have the best comparative explanation based on the case study and references (books, video, etc)

It’s a good session. Full of activities, 2-way communication all the way of the program.

Fantastic! Balanced, informative, engaging. Great range of topics for a 2-day course. Very open – encourage discussions.

Very helpful and give broad perspective to build company strategy in L&D.

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